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Tropical Landscape Teal Wall Art - Travel-Inspired Bedroom Wall Decor

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Tropical Landscape Teal Wall Art

A tropical dream of raw nature, remote beaches, tall cliffs, and teal blue ocean views as tall as the horizon. All of that turned into a colorful wall decor piece, beautifully hanging on your bedroom or office walls. Teal wall art is a mood changer. Add a tropical twist to your home decor.

Where was this photo taken? At the place where the land meets the ocean, under the warm touch of the Portuguese sun - Algarve.

Choose affordable travel-inspired printable wall art pieces that bring adventure to your home. Have fun with our collection of prints, mixing and matching them for a gallery wall. Or print them individually, they look just as amazing!

Below you can find details about the size and printing options for this exciting digital print. Ready for some tropical home decor vibes?

Digital Files and Printing Information

How does it work? You will get a high-resolution JPEG digital file sent to your e-mail, which you can afterward get printed at home or at a printing shop of your choice.

JPEG file dimensions: 
6000 x 4000 pixels
25 x 16.6 inches
240 pixels/inch. 

Please note that no physical item will be shipped to you. Enter your e-mail address correctly when purchasing the order. The digital print will arrive in your e-mail box shortly after the payment is processed. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via e-mail at, before placing the order.


Printable Art is a great, affordable way to individually style your home or office.

You can either have it printed with your favorite service or print it on your home printer. Any size you like, as a poster, wall art, or printing on fabric. You can also have it printed on t-shirts, mugs, caps, pillows, blankets, tiles, stationery, mousepads, wall clocks, puzzles, coasters, trivets, bags, postcards or large size canvas. Basically, on nearly anything you can think of. There are plenty of services available out there to fulfill your individual printing desires. 

Printing options

1. Print from home on your desktop printer.
2. Get it printed at a local print store of your choice, like Staples, Costco, or Walmart.
3. Upload your files to an online shop or online printing services like,, or

Slight differences in color might appear when getting the photo printed.

Travel Inspired Wall Art

The main inspiration for our wall art pieces and other creative resources is the spirit of adventure. After traveling full-time for over a year, we have created a collection of colorful wall art pieces to warm the hearts of all travel-enthusiasts out there. 

Want to make every day an adventure? Bring your favorite travel destinations to your home!

Algarve Portugal Collection

One of our favorite print collections is inspired by the stunning Portuguese Atlantic Coast. We've spent over 4 months exploring the secret corners and remote beaches of Algarve, the southern region of Portugal. 

If turquoise blue ocean waves and sandy beaches are your favorite things, make sure to check out the complete Algarve collection! You will love it!